Champion Of The Independents Boost Drinks has partnered with specialist youth marketing agency Dig-In to launch a huge national Freshers’ sampling programme, reaching over 350,000 students.

Dig-In distributes welcome boxes to new students in their halls on entering university. Boost will be the only energy drink involved in this activity and will be inviting students to try a 250ml can of Boost Sugar Free Original.

Sugar free energy drink sales, whilst from a low base, are growing at 47% year on year*. In line with this trend, Boost Sugar Free Original is selling very well and in blind taste tests it outperformed the brand leader**. Boost Sugar Free Original is available in 500ml and 1 litre PET re-sealable bottles, as well as 250ml cans, giving students a full range of formats to choose from whether they need ‘the perfect hit’ or ‘a beast of a Boost’.

Boost ran a Dig-In student initiative last year which revealed that:

–       68% of the total student population trialled a free 250ml can of Boost Original

–       Over 56% of recipients were likely to repurchase Boost

–       73% of students are consuming one to two energy drinks a week***.

Simon Gray, founder and managing director of Boost, comments: “We are investing heavily in the student market and are looking to secure a larger share of this key category.

“We know students consume energy drinks for all sorts of reasons including getting through early lectures, studying late at night, and so on, and we were delighted with the results from last year’s activity. On top of these statistics, we know that 84% of the student population will visit a convenience store or local shop once a week****.

“The potential for us to grow our market share with students is massive and we would encourage independent retailers to stock more Boost as it not only tastes great, but at just 49p for a 250ml can, it also offers fantastic value.”

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* IRI Marketplace data 52 weeks unit sales for Symbols and Independents to 29/01/2017 versus previous 52 weeks

** Independent Taste Test Research January 2016

*** Dig-In research data Nov 2016 – 102,000 respondents

**** him! research data