Boost’s latest Release the Boost campaign is running throughout the summer to drive brand awareness, engage consumer audiences and amplify the Boost brand across many channels, reaching over 40 million consumers nationwide.

Latest elements of this innovative campaign included a 15 second advert from Boost on the ITV Hub, which appeared in commercial breaks for Love Island, Celebrity Juice and Take Me Out, amongst other popular programmes.

The Release the Boost initiative will now extend to specifically target the South West to hit holiday makers and festival goers as consumers head towards the coastal areas of the country. Activity will include a partnership with National Express with wrapped coaches on coastal routes heading out of the city, as well as outdoor, digital, location targeted social media campaigns and finally guerrilla sampling activity for consumers to try Boost Original and Boost Sugar Free for themselves.

This follows a number of other innovative marketing activities. For example, using Facebook Live, Boost broadcasted four live streams of its new for 2017 online gameshow, a format that emulated Boost personality whilst actively engaging with its target audience. Promotional trailers were launched on social media ahead of time to build anticipation and excitement.

Natalie Rich, marketing controller for Boost, comments: “The results across our social channels so far for the #ReleaseTheBoost live campaign have outshone our expectations, reaching a huge audience and gathering over 100,000 of engagements, resulting in 30,000 people tuning in for the afternoon to take part in the live shows.”

Offline, Release the Boost activity also returned to the airwaves with Boost’s ‘Taste, Energy, Price’ message broadcast to listeners across the UK through leading radio channels Capital FM and Kiss FM.

Boost has also partnered with The Work Perk to deliver samples to 100,000 thirsty office workers in Manchester and Birmingham, providing consumers with the opportunity to sample Boost Sugar Free

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