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We created Boost specifically with independent retailers in mind. Our magic mix of great products, great POR and great sales volumes adds up to one simple thing: a great big Boost for your bottom line.But profit isn’t the only reason to work with us. We only work with independent retailers. Helping them compete with big supermarket chains by offering them exclusives on our products, sharing our knowledge and marketing our products.

Why? Because we know how vital local shops are to the communities we all live in. Also because consumers love the incredible energy, sensational taste, and impossibly good priced products we make, and who are we to get in their way!

Today our products fly off the shelves, and our facts and figures prove it.

  • Already the No.1, 2 & 4 soft drink brand in Northern Ireland*
  • No.2 fastest selling energy SKU in the UK*
  • The fastest growing sports drink in independent retail*

So, if you’re looking for ways to maximise sales and energise your business (and let’s face it, who isn’t), we’d love to talk.

*IRI Marketplace Data UK Symbol & Independent Channel 52 Weeks Unit Sales to 01.12.2019

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Tips to sell more

Bunch us up

Bunch us up

Displaying energy drinks together in one place makes it easier for your customers to find them.

Big us up

Big us up

Use our free POS materials and ‘shelf talkers’ to grab attention and tell customers how good our products are. Once they’ve experienced Boost they’ll be back for more.

Contact us to request POS materials.

Chill us out

Chill us out

Customers who buy on impulse are more likely to choose chilled drinks, so keep your 250ml and 500ml products in the chiller, not on the shelf.

Show us off

Show us off

Restock chillers regularly, because re-faced chillers aren’t just more inviting, they’re easier for customers to reach into.

Choose us wisely

Choose us wisely

It’s great to give customers a selection of Boost products to enjoy, but you’ll maximise your profits by choosing to stock our best sellers.

PMP it up

PMP it up

Stock PMP’s. These show customers good value for money and, in turn, drive purchasing both now and on repeat visits

Our Range

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Meet the boost team

Simon Gray

Managing Director

Simon’s our Managing Director (in other words he’s the boss). Boost is his brainchild and he’s been steering the ship right from day one. As well as leading us in the right direction as a business, he also inspires the team and sets the tone for our culture. Most importantly though, he still makes the tea from time to time – a proper hands-on guy who leads by example. Simon’s big secret: he’s a big softy at heart, and he proposed to his wife in French, on one knee, up the Eiffel Tower. And it wasn’t even for a bet.

Al Gunn

Sales Director

Al’s been our Sales Director since 2010. He works closely with our Board to help shape the way we do things. He’s also in charge of our busy sales team. Delivering commercial performance in line with our purpose and values are top of Al’s to-do list, but away from the office, he loves a good dance. He’d dance in the office too, but he knows we’d all resign.

Simon Whitaker

Wholesale Controller

Working alongside the sales team as Wholesale Controller Simon has played no small role in achieving consistent year on year sales growth since 2013 – not least because of his tireless dedication to professional development across the team. A recent commitment to improving relationships with retailers looks set to help us reach even dizzier heights which is great news to Simon given that he is a licensed gliding pilot!

Ian Smith

Cash & Carry Controller

As our Cash & Carry Controller, it’s no surprise that Ian works with the sales team to manage our Cash & Carry sector. He sorts out the sales strategy, promotional activity and individual customer plans for his accounts… all towards smashing sales targets. A regular joker, Ian loves to remind us that people mistake him for Brad Pitt. Must be his Yorkshire accent that gives him away.

Amy Ankrah

Trade Marketing Manager

As our Trade Marketing Manager since 2014, most of our trade customers will already know what a great character Amy is. Her day-to-day role is to manage trade advertising and PR activity, right across the country. Amy also oversees exhibitions and events, and works with the trade across wholesale, delivered customers and independent retailers. If you meet Amy and think she looks familiar, you might have seen her on Couples Come Dine With Me. We’re guessing you won’t admit to it though.

Nathan than from Spar Wards Rockmount, Newry:

“Boost is our best-selling energy drink - selling three times better than Red Bull. We have great feedback from our customers about Boost who particularly like the flavours.”

Mohan from Aire View Stores, Silsden, West Yorkshire:

“The support and advice from the Boost team is phenomenal. They are enthusiastic and totally understand our business, and really it is no surprise the brand has had such success.”

Gavin from Gwalia Garage, Caeathro, near Caernarfon:

“We find that we sell most of our Boost during the morning to workmen and people who need that pick me up to start the day.”

Ronnie from Spar Craigyhill, Larne, Northern Ireland

"It’s great to have a product to give us a point of difference. We can’t necessarily beat the multiples but we can offer something they can’t!”

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