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Boost Caffe Latte Iced Coffee
Caffe Latte

Enjoy our velvety smooth iced caffe latte. The perfect blend of bold espresso and milk.

Ingredients: 46% Semi-Skimmed Milk (1.5% Fat), 29% Skimmed Milk, Water, Sugar, 1.3% Soluble Coffee Extract, Low-Fat Cocoa Powder, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Bicarbonate).



Serving Size: 250ml can
Energy: 603kJ/143kcal
Fat: 2.1g
Of which saturates: 1.5g
Carbohydrate: 23g
Of which sugars: 23g
Protein: 7g
Salt: 0.4g


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We're so much more than just an original coffee drink!


The milk used is fresh milk which is then passed through a two-step UHT process in order to ensure we’re offering you a high quality and safe product to enjoy.

The coffee in our product is a Blend which contains of 60% Robusta & 40% Arabica coffee

No there are no sweeteners or preservatives in our Boost Iced Coffee range.

Boost Iced Coffee comes in Double Espresso and Caffe Latte, and our brand new Caramel Latte flavour is available now. But do keep your eyes peeled for new flavours in the future, as we are always looking to improve and expand our range!