Boost Drinks is cementing its position as the creator of high quality, great tasting energy drinks with the introduction of a new limited edition sugar free variant, Cosmic Glow.

Cosmic Glow is a vibrant mix of Grape and Cherry and will join the eight existing flavours in the Boost energy drinks range this September.  Like all the drinks in the Boost energy range, Cosmic Glow will be available as a £0.49 PMP. Boost is introducing the new 250ml can as a limited-edition option that’s designed to appeal to consumers looking for deeper flavours in the winter months.

As an independent brand that supplies only to independent retailers, Boost is continually looking for opportunities to help retailers increase sales amongst existing customers, while attracting new ones to the shelf.  As research shows that sales of ‘new flavours’ are growing 16%[1] year-on-year, the introduction of a new flavour from Boost will provide retailers with an opportunity to increase sales.

Limited edition, Cosmic Glow features a vibrant, neon packaging design that differs from other Boost Energy products in order to give it stand out on shelf.  Cosmic Glow has been designed to make an impact in retail stores.

Simon Gray, Founder and Managing Director of Boost said: “At Boost, we’ve been keeping a close eye on consumption and flavour trends, working hard to develop a new product that works for independent retailers and consumers. Not only do the flavours of Cosmic Glow work well in the winter months, but its vibrant flavour mix is also the perfect option for the increasing number of consumers opting for a non-alcoholic drink option during festivities such as Bonfire Night and Diwali.

“We’ve enjoyed great success with the launch of our other limited-edition variants in the past, as we know bringing new options to the market helps build strong relationships with consumers.  We also want to do everything we can to support retailers, so we’ve given it a great price that ensures a strong return for retailers.  Cosmic Glow is also sugar free, giving you more options for those shoppers who are looking for lower sugar alternatives.”

[1] IRI Marketplace Data Symbols and Independents 4 weeks unit sales to 22nd April 2018