The best thing about our business are our people and we want to try and give you an insight into who's exactly behind the Boost brand!

We start with our captains of the ship!

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Adrian Hipkiss

Marketing Director
Time at Boost: 1 year

The day job: I lead the marketing function at Boost, fully accountable for setting strategic direction and driving brand fame. I lead all areas of the marketing process from building a brilliant team, acquiring insight, leading category management and trade marketing, product development and consumer communication to building the process framework and facilitating new ideas and fresh thinking.

An interesting fact: I have 5 brothers and 1 sister and I’ve lost count of nieces and nephews!


Al Gunn

Sales Director.
Time at Boost: 10 years

The day job: I am responsible for the strategic leadership of the sales function within Boost – by creating and managing our sales strategy to ensure delivery of our short, and long-term commercial goals.

An interesting fact: I am right handed but I eat left handed!


Simon Gray

Founder & Managing Director
Time at Boost: 19 years

The day job: I’m the conductor of the orchestra

An interesting fact: I can whistle though my teeth


Kirsty Birks

Non Executive Director
Time at Boost: 12 years (in a number of different roles!)

The day job: Working alongside Simon Gray and the leadership team to provide strategic counsel with a particular interest in long term business strategy and planning.

I’ve met Bill Clinton twice, I love The Archers and Agatha Christie in equal measure and after living in Yorkshire for nearly 20 years I have finally mastered Yorkshire puddings!


Eleanor Nickerson

People & Culture Director
Time at Boost: 2 years

The day job: It’s my job to make sure that we have a healthy, thriving, engaged culture and that we have the right people in the right roles doing the right things.

An interesting fact: In my spare time I write fiction and collect gin


Andy Murfin

Finance Director
Time at Boost: 8 years

The day job: I’m the number cruncher

An interesting fact: Played football at a Premier league ground and Cricket at an International test match ground