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Iced Coffee New

Boost Iced Coffee

The latest addition to our functional drinks portfolio is now being served

  • Great tasting, premium quality
  • 4 delicious flavours
  • Great value at £1 per can
  • Blend contains 60% robusta and 40% arabica coffee, origin from Brazil (Arabica) and Vietnam (Robusta)

Ingredients and Nutritional information can be found by clicking on the products in the carousel below.

Iced Coffee New

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We're so much more than just an original coffee drink!

More Information

Our Boost Coffee Iced Latte drink and Caramel Latte drink contain 45mg of caffeine per 100ml, and our Boost Coffee Double Espresso drink contains 60mg of caffeine per 100ml.

We recommend that all our drinks are consumed in moderation.

The maximum daily consumption of caffeine for adults is 400mg (other than pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine).

Boost Iced Coffee contains MILK, this is clearly indicated on the packaging in BOLD.

Boost Iced Coffee Caffe Latte is a delicious, silky smooth Latte with subtle coffee notes and a creamy tasting texture.

Boost Iced Coffee Double Espresso offers you a full-bodied coffee with milk that you can have wherever, however you fancy. Compared with the Latte, it has a stronger coffee taste with a balanced sweetness.

Our brand new Caramel Latte is deliciously smooth and mellow, and it’s the perfect iced pick-me-up, ideal for those who want some extra sweetness with a luxurious creamy texture.